Everyone Deserves a Home

GK Realty Group invites you to join the team on our mission with Food For The Poor INC to build homes for numerous families in desperate need.


Join Our Mission

Just by choosing GK Realty Group to assist you with your Real Estate needs you are helping provide Safe & Secure Housing to millions of poor families living in hazardous conditions. Our gift to housing will help build new homes, provide cement for new home foundations, install new windows and other essential furnishings that help make a house into a home.

Together we can break the cycle of poverty in 18 Latin American & Caribbean Countries by Saving Lives, Transforming Communities and Renewing Hope.


Food for the Poor

Is one of the largest international relief and development organizations in the United States.

Their work is motivated by their faith in God, spreading His unconditional love, regardless of race, wealth, or creed as they minister to the poorest of the poor in 18 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

By providing lifesaving food, secure housing, clean water, healthcare, emergency relief, micro-enterprise projects and education opportunities, they are giving the poor a chance at a better future, and showing them God’s love. Join us.


We Need You

Help us provide safe housing for families in desperate need.

Millions of poor families throughout the Caribbean and Latin America are living in hazardous housing conditions, with no running water, electricity or even so much as a locking front door. Instead of a solid, safe home where children can peacefully sleep, they live in crudely pieced together huts made from mud, sticks, tin, tarp, cardboard and whatever other discarded materials they can find.

These families get soaked by every rainstorm and incessantly bitten by mosquitoes and other bugs. They live in constant fear of their fragile shelter toppling on them when they sleep, and worry about intruders breaking in and harming their children. They are simply too poor to afford anything more.


Food for the Poor Mission Statement

Our mission is to link the church of the First World with the church of the Third World in a manner that helps both the materially poor and the poor in spirit.

The materially poor are served by local churches, clergy and lay leaders who have been empowered and supplied with goods by Food For The Poor.

The poor in spirit are renewed by their relationship with and service to the poor through our direct ministry of teaching, encouragement and prayer.

Ultimately, we seek to bring both benefactors and recipients to a closer union with our Lord.

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